The Start.

So this is where it begins, Brighton a vibrant and beautiful seaside town located on the South coast of the UK. Its an extremely diverse city famous for its pulsing night life and pebble beaches. It has been my home for the past 28 years and where my addiction for photography began.

Brighton Pier | day in the city ©.jpg

It all started when I purchased a second-hand Nikon F55 SLR camera from a charity shop back in 2010. Prior to this I had only used disposable cameras to document holidays and music festivals. I decided to purchase my first camera as I fell love with documentary photographers and the way their photographs offered a narrative to someone else’s life.

The Royal Pavilion | Brighton | Nikon F55 | day in the city © 2016

After buying my first camera I was hooked. I just started taking pictures of buildings, street art, my friends, strangers, basically anything or anyone I stumbled on. Cameras became addictive and I started documenting my life.


This website is where I will be sharing my photographs, stories, reviews and hopefully inspiring a few people along the way.





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