Amsterdam 2012

I was lucky enough to be given my first digital SLR camera for christmas back in 2011. It was a Canon Rebel T3i a great digital camera which really helped me to understand the technicality of photography. Prior to owning this camera I was still getting my head around the whole mechanics of my cameras. I decided to bring my new toy away with me for a four day trip to Amsterdam with my friends.


Dodging the deadly bike riders and stag dos we found ourselves finding shelter in the coffee shops. As well as enjoying the local benefits we spent our few days walking by the canals looking at the stunning street art and eating take away food from vending machines.


As you could imagine photography was not the prime reason for our visit as the many others that visit this laid back city on a daily basis the objective was simple and that was to chill out and have fun and if my brain could remember how to function my camera then success. I am happy to say that in the small moments of soberness I was able to work my new toy and in fact took a few photographs to help me remember our exploration.


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