Polariod | Instant Photography of NYC

Instant photography has had a real resurgence over the last few years with a variety of new instant cameras coming to the market. The attraction with instant photography is that you are able to see your photographs appear in front of your eyes and each image is unique which can never be recreated again giving each photograph a really personal story. 

Polaroid commandeered the market back in 1948 making them known as one of the most iconic photographic brands in the world. Their focus is to make photography personal and fun allowing people to share and come together through creative expression with a practical and instant touch. Sadly Polaroid no longer produce film for their cameras so in 2008 Impossible decided to purchase Polaroid’s last remaining factory, days before it closed down stepping in to keep Polaroid’s vision alive. Impossible has helped the world of instant photography revive itself allowing a new generation of instant photographers. They produce a variety of different film which can be used with both there own and Polariod cameras. You can purchase these directly from there own website: https://uk.impossible-project.com



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