Instant love with nature | Diana F+ Instant Review

As I have mentioned before Instant photography has had a real resurgence over the last few years with a variety of new instant cameras coming to the market. The attraction with instant photography is that you are able to see your photographs appear in front of your eyes and each image is unique which can never be recreated again giving each photograph a really personal story.

Polaroid commandeered the market back in 1948 making them known as one of the most iconic photographic brands in the world. Their focus is to make photography personal and fun allowing people to share and come together through creative expression with a practical and instant touch.

I dusted off my Lomography Diana F+ camera and attached the instant back. This camera is extremely versatile having various attachable lenses and usable with the great splitzer. If you have not heard of the a splitzer before and you own one of Lomography’s cameras I would say go and google it. It’s an adaptive cover which enables you to take interesting multiple exposures by covering areas of the lens. None of these images shown are used with a splitzer but I will be doing various posts over the coming weeks showing examples.

Anyway these photos are of various trees and bits that I found on my walk around Lauder in Scotland where I have been staying for the past few months. The great thing about the instant photography world is that you can snap away to your hearts content and see the results in minutes. The Diana F+ camera is great, It is prone to acquiring those legendary light leaks and vignetting.


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