Multiple Exposures With the Lomography Diana F+ Camera | Review

Multiple exposures are a really fun way of creating some unique and interesting photographs. A multiple exposure is the superimposition of two or more exposures to create a single image, and double exposure has a corresponding meaning in respect of two images. The great thing about using the Lomography Diana F+ camera is that you can buy a tool called the Splitzer, It’s an adaptive cover which enables you to take interesting multiple exposures by covering a particular area of the lens.

The one thing I would mention is that it is best to use this camera in good natural light as you are limited to control you have to respect that fact and play by the cameras simple golden rules. Compared to Lomography’s Holga camera the Diana F+ is much more flexible as it has four exposure settings and a range of adaptable lenses including a fish eye, telescopic a wide angle and a 55mm. You can also purchase an instant back which transforms your camera from 35mm or 120 to an instant camera. This camera is extremely flexible allowing you to use three different formats of film. What I enjoy most about this camera is that you can simply sit back and enjoy the moment. This seems to be the selling point for all Lomography cameras as they focus on simplicity and functionality.

Walk on By | day in the city ©CNV00031CNV00035CNV00036CNV00028CNV00022CNV00017 (1)CNV00011Multiple Exsposure No.2 | day in the city ©High Riser | day in the city ©CNV00010CNV00008Eyes in the Back of my Head | day in the city ©

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