Lomography Diana F+ | Forth Bridge, Edinburgh

Since moving to Edinburgh I have visited various iconic land marks and the one which stands out the most has to be The Forth Bridge. It is a cantilever railway bridge which stretches across the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland. It was voted Scotland’s greatest man-made wonder in 2016 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can see why! It stands as one the most remarkable pieces of architecture. With strong defined curves and its undoubtable powerful stance this remarkable structure holds beauty.


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Multiple Exposures With the Lomography Diana F+ Camera | Review

Multiple exposures are a really fun way of creating some unique and interesting photographs. A multiple exposure is the superimposition of two or more exposures to create a single image, and double exposure has a corresponding meaning in respect of two images. The great thing about using the Lomography Diana F+ camera is that you can buy a tool called the Splitzer, It’s an adaptive cover which enables you to take interesting multiple exposures by covering a particular area of the lens.


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Instant love with nature | Diana F+ Instant Review

As I have mentioned before Instant photography has had a real resurgence over the last few years with a variety of new instant cameras coming to the market. The attraction with instant photography is that you are able to see your photographs appear in front of your eyes and each image is unique which can never be recreated again giving each photograph a really personal story.

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